Batman: A Telltale Story

I was not aware of this game coming out, i was reading some game articles in The Verge and came up on this article, Batman-A Telltale Series Game. I was a little surprised, the video was a black and white kind of comic, or Sin City, then at the end they show the Batman logo/symbol, however you call it, and of course the Telltales information. Why do games that already have great graphic games go with the Telltale route? In my opinion one of the games that was not ok for this was Minecraft, but this article is not for this.

Now back to the Batman game, having it on make your own story is ok at some parts, but what about the action portion? I have played The Walking Dead games and when the time comes to shoot/fight, Telltales mechanics are not the best, because is like a turn game, wait until you see a circle in the screen press it and it will shot, I mean is not that bad but for action games and fight scenes for Batman I’m not sure this will be the best way to go, but then again there is a reason why they chose the Telltale side, maybe the experience to play the game the way we like, either do or don’t do something and having the story change according to our answers. Well the game won’t be out until 2016, no exact date, check the video below.


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