One-Punch Man


One-Punch Man – Source

One-Punch Man is an anime/manga that I started watching/reading recently, I actually started reading the manga first and then moved on to the anime, so far in Hulu there are 12 episodes released with subtitles. Anime with subtitles are more realistic, I guess the feel is more like at home since that is the original language, but at times reading and watching may be hard because the subtitles pass too quick, but anyways lets focus on the anime.

The anime is about a “normal” guy with a “normal” life that after much training became the strongest person in the world, winning fights with just one punch. The main character Saitama is a kind of goofy looking guy, but very powerful when he gets mad and wants to fight. After 3 years of training he became super strong that kills monsters with one punch, his life became so boring that he is always happy to see a new monster and hopes to get a good fight one day. The anime is quite interesting, it has a mix of action and comedy, mainly for things the main character says or does but it has enough action to keep you watching it. This anime is worth watching, I recommend also reading the manga, like always manga is further than the anime, but if you don’t like spoilers then stick to the anime.


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