Knights of Sidonia (spoiler review)


Knights of Sidonia- Source

Knights of Sidonia is a Netflix exclusive anime that currently has 2 seasons with 24 episodes in total. The anime revolves humans that left earth after it was destroyed by aliens called Gauna, like many anime, this was an adaptation from the original manga created by Tsutomu Nihei by the same name. Overall the anime takes place in space, in the spaceship in which humans now live, and have evolved from what we are now. People now clone themselves and don’t eat as much as normal humans do, and in some cases the clones are genderless, but will change into either a woman or man once they think they found a partner for themselves.

The anime is pretty cool, Sidonia, which is the name of the spaceship, houses about 500 000 people, and is traveling to find a new home. In the process they get attacked by the Gauna, which are shapeshifting aliens. Nagate Tanikaze which is a clone from one of the old war heroes, is the main character of this anime, he unlike other clones still has more humans traits, like normal hunger and other stuff. After he comes out from the hidden parts of the city inside pipes, he then is set to fight along the other soldiers, he adapts very well because he was trained by his “grandfather”. (spoiler coming)

Each episode kind of repeats itself over the course of the seasons, basically they are living in Sidonia, and always find a new cluster of Gauna which they have to go and attack. On every episode they have to go fight someone, ending the same way, Sidonia’s soldier win and but with causalities. That part makes the anime a bit boring because it repeats itself a lot. It gets better towards the end of season 1 and through some of season 2 when a hybrid Gauna is created when a doctor was left loose and some other organism that takes over several people in Sidonia. Back story is not well explained, and no explanation neither on how or where are the Gauna coming from, actually not even explain what it is, they just show a big pink mass that always wants to attack them.

The anime could be better if they add a little backstory to why and what happened to earth, how they got to where they are now. The fighting scenes last about 2-3 minutes each and each episode can have maybe 2 fights. There are other anime with the same fighting happening on every episode but what makes it different at least to me is that the enemy is different and they don’t always win, and fight scenes last much longer, no I don’t want fight scenes to last as long as a Dragon Ball Z episode but a little longer won’t hurt. Have you seen this anime? What do you think about it?


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