Minecraft Console Update 1.8.8


Console Minecraft Players will be receiving the newest update to this game, which will almost make it as close as possible to the PC version. In the recent updates for the mobile version we have seen many additions to look much closer to the PC version. I remember when Minecraft was just a creative mode and could not do survival, but back to the console game. The newest update 1.8.8 has added new items for all modes, for creative and survival, from adding new blocks, mobs and biomes.

The mobs added are rabbits, which they have been on pc already, endermite eggs, guardians each one of them having their own egg to use in the creative mode; of course each of them will be mobs in the survival mode. Biomes are great addition to the game, because many of us like to have our own world in different locations, I like to have my world in the snow biome, but is a bit tricky to keep the water from freezing, but is ok since that is part of the survival. The new biomes added are, mesa, mega taiga, roofed forest, birch forest, forest savanna, extreme hills, deeps oceans and snowless taiga.

Other features added are catching treasure while fishing, enchanting using lapis lazuli, villagers can now harvest crops, change in nether portal proportions, mossy stones and bricks, new enchantments, you can now create golems using pumpkins or wither skeletons heads and many more things to do click here for more details. As you see it seems the big update brings lots of fun to the game, and also the newest update brings holiday skins for those that use mobile and console. Are you playing Minecraft? If not then get started because the experience playing it on either mobile, console or pc is almost the same!


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