Nintendo Direct 12-15-15



Nintendo Direct 12-15-15 was mainly directed to the Smash Bros game, new characters, new stages and new Mii outfits. First of is Corrin from the game Fire Emblem, Cloud and Bayonetta! Only 2 stages will be included on the upcoming DLC, but each character will have different outfits to use when playing. Each character like previous ones have their special Smash Power attack, and they all possess their own unique attacks.

The main character I am going to be focusing is Cloud since he is the only one available now. From what they said on the video the others may be available later possibly Feb. 2016. So Cloud will have 2 outfits, he will have a Limit Streak, similar to Little Mac, once the gauge fills out he will be able to unleash his power.  The stage that comes with Cloud is Midgar, which will have 5 different special effects if you can call it that way, you will be able to summons 5 different monsters that will affect the stage causing players to fall, the monsters will be Ifrit, Ramuh, Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut Zero, for more information watch the video below. And the last to add was the outfits available now for your Mii.





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