No good Pokemon news


So last night I stayed up til late browsing the web looking for news about CoroCoro and the so much expected December 2015 issue, because it was going to talk about great news about Pokemon and possible the release date of Pokemon Z and Pokemon Go, oh and also information on Zygarde I figured since Japan is 15 hours ahead of us, by now the December issue is already out, and to my surprise not much was found online. Either this was done to make us wait until the morning or I was just dumb and couldn’t find the right information.


Volcanion Water-Fire Type. Source

So this morning I woke up and well is December 15th and there was not much information about Pokemon as we expected and to be honest I was really disappointed. The only news we got were about Volcanion, a new and unique water-fire Pokemon, this Pokemon is consider a steam Pokemon. On the latest release of CoroCoro they show his picture at the top of the magazine kind of hidden. Now this may be some news and not all of it, I read somewhere about possibly releasing more information on the January 2016 issue, but I wouldn’t hold my hopes to that, look at the news we got now, when they said it was going to be really great news. Where is the Pokemon Z info? The possibly new 25 Pokemon? What about the release date for Pokemon Go, or at least more information and more pictures about it. For now all we can do it wait and perhaps more information will be released in the coming weeks.



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