Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! We finally have a trailer, well seems to me a bit more like a teaser because well there wasn’t much info given like in other trailers. We know the plot or somewhat of the plot is related to the book with the same name. In the trailer we see parts where someone apparently took beasts with him and somehow the luggage gets swapped and someone ends up with a luggage full of beasts, at least that’s what I think I saw, I could be wrong.

This movie in my opinion will be really good, it may not be related to Harry Potter, but is the same magical world where he comes from, who know we may be able to see Lily and James Potter, perhaps younger version of some of our beloved characters, Sirius and who knows maybe even Tom Riddle. Since the movie is based on the book, the chances of seeing younger versions of the characters above are slim to none, remember the book is basically a small encyclopedia about some creatures found in the wizard world, but since it has to be adapted to a movie, well maybe just maybe we get to see them cool characters. This is just the 1st one to come, (I hope) let’s wait for the upcoming months and see if we can get better trailers, the movie will be released in November 2016 so we still have some time to wait. Thanks you J.K Rowling!!


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