Independence Day: Resurgence

After 19 years, we finally have a sequel to the original Independence Day! I know many of us heard so many rumors, and many of them came out lately, like around a year or so. Rumors were so crazy, regarding the name, and cast for the new movie, the plot and other stuff. But well finally yesterday we were able to see the trailer and well I honestly didn’t pay too much attention at first, it caught me off-guard, until it click, I was the Independence Day 2 as I called it, trailer!! Then I tried to pay attention but it was too late, the trailer had ended. But of course thanks to YouTube I was able to see it and pay attention.

So looks like we have a few people back from the first movie, from what I heard Will Smith will not be there due to some issues with pay, could be a rumor, who knows. The trailer is actually cool, it shows how the humans have reinforced their military, and they used the alien technology to have better weapons and crafts. We can see the alien ship is much bigger than the older one, and in the background we hear someone (perhaps the present of the U.S) having a speech about making this 4th of July not just the U.S Independence day but the day the earth fought back, similar to the older movie, it could be the same speech from the older movie, I haven’t seen that movie that I’m not sure.

What I liked is that now it seems the fight will take on space as well, well just the flying part, but I can see this movie will be really good. It does not show how long it has passed since the first invasion, but I’m sure it has to be a few, maybe 10-15 years? They kind of have to make it realistic, you can’t protect the earth using the alien technology in 2 years, but we’ll see. I hope in the upcoming weeks or months they release more trailers. The movie it’s dated to be released on June 24, 2016, I think it would have been better to have it release in July 4th, but well is done. Are you excited about this movie? Do you think it will be what we been expecting?




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