Lego Marvel Avengers Info!



Lego Marvel’s Avengers

Lego games have been one of my favorite games since I played Lego Star Wars, the actual first Trilogy, I remember playing it on my PS2. Since then, each game released has become better as far as graphic which that’s to be expected since every new console improves on graphics performance and CPU performance. The overall game has not changed much, you still collect Golden Lego Bricks, you still build stuff (I doubt that will change since that’s the point of Legos), you still collect Lego currency, and you still play it passing stages or missions. The only thing that has changed on different games is that some have an open-world system like Lego Marvel Super Heroes; previous titles like Star Wars and Harry Potter do not have that open-world system.

Now speaking of Marvel, which that was the whole point of this blog I just side tracked, is that the new Lego Marvel’s Avengers will be different and better than the previous Marvel title. The game itself will have more than 200 playable characters, not sure if this counts the ones we make ourselves; I wouldn’t consider them in the list since they are not marvel characters.  Another addition as mentioned above is the open-world style like the previous title and not just open-world but 7 hubs like they call it, meaning cities, yes you will be able to explore other cities like New York and Washington DC, I guess it will be the main heroes’ home towns? The game will be very interesting I think it will be worth buying it, for full article details and a small interview with Arthur Parsons click here.




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