Nintendo & CoroCoro December News!



It looks like we will have several announcements on Dec 15, one of them the Nintendo Direct, which it seems like is going to be about the addition of Cloud to Smash Bros. Not sure what all is going to be said or what information is going to be given about the new character, but I hope that is not the only news we going to receive from Nintendo.

Other news that we will be hearing that day will be from Cor


CoroCoro Magazine

oCoco magazine, possibly the new Pokemon game? Pokemon Z and the new updates? This is the news I am waiting for, according to some articles I read online (sorry forgot to get the links) there is going to be a Pokemon Z, and on the CoroCoro December edition they will explain the new updates coming to the game, but not sure if this will be the 7th generation from the game or just an updated 6th generation. Other rumors around the web is that there will be an addition 25 new Pokemon, and a new town added with a Spanish Theme. If this Pokemon Z is the same town and game-play as X & Y I may be really disappointed, I want a new game, I’m sure many of us want a new game, but lets wait until that day.


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