Minecraft finally coming to Nintendo

So after several rumors on Minecraft about coming and not coming to the Nintendo world, it has been finally announced that Minecraft is coming to the Wii U console! I wonder how many people are actually happy about this since Minecraft is basically everywhere by now. I remember having Minecraft on android when all you do was creative mode and just a few blocks that can be used, but since that day the game has evolved really well.

The game will be available on December 17th on Nintendo eShop for $29.99 USD so many of us can add it to our xmas list. The game is reported to have support on the game-pad screen, this is really cool, I wish many VJBAAKjXRTlu6VtdP5R93WxDYUg2_fr7games had that option and not just use the game-pad screen as a second screen like the Ds family. Having the 2nd screen as an actual game screen is good for those times that you want to play but can’t because someone is using the TV. Those are the good news but what about the people that only have a 3Ds/2Ds? We already have the game on the go on Android and iOS, but most of the time I don’t like playing it much as I would do it on a 3Ds because of the battery, either I text and surf the web or use my battery playing. The good thing about having it on 3Ds is not worry about incoming calls, text or other things that can ruin the experience, I know I can set my phone to airplane mode but that’s beside the point. So what do you think about Minecraft coming to Wii U? Excited or meh!



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