Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice 2nd Trailer


The 2nd trailer has arrived, after teasers, images, rumors and everything you can find online, we have received the 2nd trailer from Batman vs Superman: DoJ (Dawn of Justice), and I can say this movie will be really cool, at least it will be for me.

On the previous trailer we saw just a brief kind of introduction of the characters, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman but not lots of action. We also saw a small scene in where we see Bruce Wayne saving a kid from pieces of building coming down on them, which this supposed to be the scene in which Superman fights General Zod in Man of Steel. Now on this new one we see more action, we actually see both of them fighting, and a brief portion when Lex brings General Zod’s body and we see he turns him into some mutant, that to me looks similar to Doomsday, but who knows, he may or may not be.

Other great footage we saw on this new trailer besides the fight scenes is the introduction of Wonder Woman! Which in my opinion looked pretty awesome, I mean with rumors about new movies coming up that will open up to the full story of the Justice League, I can say the introduction to Wonder Woman is good so far. With The Flash TV show on going, Arrow,  and other movies like Aquaman on its way it looks like the DC Universe may be catching up with Marvel.


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