The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep 8


The Walking Dead Season 6

Season finale finally came and left us with like always, wanting more but they always end seasons or mid seasons the same way with the best parts halfway finished, so the best will continue next season. So last episode ended with the tower about to fall, now the tower fell and destroyed a section of a wall protecting them, allowing walkers to get inside. Once they got inside everyone ran looking for safety ending with several groups separated going to different houses.

While Rick tries to run we see Deanna helping him but she falls with some walkers on top of her, for a moment I thought she was done for. He joins Carl, father Gabriel, Jessie, her two kids and Michonne. But of course hell breaks loose there when one of Jessie’s son tries to kill Carl, I think he wants to make Rick suffer like he is suffering for the loss of his dad. They both fight, making noise and drawing the walkers towards them, when the walkers get to the garage side door, they break in, since the door was locked by Jessie’s kid, Rick ends up breaking it allowing all the walkers to keep coming with no way to stop them. Carl ends up telling the kid to give up the gun and help them survive.

In another location of Alexandria, we have  Morgan and Carol, she fell trying to run from the walkers and hit her head. While hiding in a house Carol expresses to Morgan that she doesn’t trust him, since she knows he is hiding something, after several moments talking Morgan tries to check the first floor for walkers when Carol takes off with the keys, she gets to the house in which the wolf and the nurse are hiding. Before Carol arrives the nurse tries to talk to the wolf, asking why he kills, and that he can change since he wasn’t born that way then there is way to change.

Episode ends in 2 stages, one when Rosita and the rest go inside the house and find Carol and Morgan knocked down on the floor after fighting over trying to kill or keeping alive the wolf. Carol wanted him dead and Morgan wanted him alive to help him like he was helped, but honestly he has no cure, that was a mistake in Morgan’s side. After Morgan and Carol fought the wolf had chance to knock Morgan, and getting the knife to free him, Rosita and the rest can’t help because they fear the nurse will get killed, so they give in their weapons, allowing him to escape. Then we see Glenn picking from the opposite side of town and seeing how Maggie is surrounded by walkers, and it looks like the small lookout tower she is on, may collapse soon.

On the 2nd stage for the end of the episode we see Deanna turning due to the bite she had on her side, Rick needs to get away from that house since is no longer secured, his plan is to kill 2 walkers, get them all covered in walker blood to disguise their scent. Michonne is helping him while Jessie and father Gabriel looked at him weird wondering if this will really work. When they are all covered they start to walk outside, Jessie tells her younger kid to pretend everything is ok and not be afraid. Once outside they see what they will be facing, a town full of walkers, when they start walking in between them Jessie’s kid starts to get scared getting the walkers attention ending there! If you have read the comic then I’m sure you know what will happen, someone will die, if not several people will, but I’m sure they will be rescued by Daryl, Sasha, Abraham and Glenn, well have to wait til next year!



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