Thanksgiving break!

After a long thanksgiving weekend, at least for me it was, we are back now. I hope we all had a great Thanksgiving, how was your Black Friday shopping? I know many of us were waiting great electronic deals for this year’s Black Friday. I did see some ok deals  from Best Buy, GameStop and others. I saw a 32” tv along with a PS4, I think, I  had a long weekend I kind of forgot what I saw. GameStop had the New 3Ds XL for $179.99, and 30% to 40% price cut on selected games in Best Buy. But now we are going to Cyber Monday, I know Walmart will have a New 3Ds XL including a game for $199 which is ok since the normal price of the new 3DS XL is $199 with no game included, an Xbox One 500Gb with a free controller for $299. I personally got me the New 3Ds XL, so far so good, good performance compared to the original 3Ds. So what deals did you get? Was it worth waking up early morning to get them deals?

Walmart    Best Buy   Game Stop    Target


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