NX Console better than New Gen Consoles?


Nintendo NX

I was reading this article about the NX and it seems rumors are running wild about how great this “console” is going to be. First it started with rumors about NX dev kits already shipping to devs to get started on games, then according to the article from WiiDaily, the new NX will have better and more powerful hardware than some pc’s and by some pc’s they mean high-end tech pc’s.

“Several people who said who have seen a demo said what they saw is impossible to run on a computer without a “industry-leading” or “cutting-edge” chips. Cutting-edge in what way, they refused to elaborate.

And an important thing to remember, probably you know well already, is that chip specs won’t be finalized until much closer date to the release.”

So the questions I have or actually what I wonder about this if it’s true is, on another article Nintendo stated they would not make the same mistake as the Wii U and make sure to make it affordable for everyone, if by affordable they mean around $300-$400 then how powerful  hardware can this NX have?  I was thinking when I read about better than pc and new gen consoles that the price could possibly be around $600-$800, I mean I built my own pc 2 years ago and spent around $800. If Nintendo wants to make sure to stay with the competition how much can this unit cost? Currently Xbox One and PS4 can be bought around $299-$399 depending on the store and if we bundle with games, it could be more.

If the NX will be more powerful than a PC, what kind of games will they release? I mean Mario Games really don’t take much graphic power or CPU right? well at least I think that, when I think of better graphics and processing speed I think about games like CoD, Battlefield, the action games, for me Mario games can be the way they are now and I have no problem, what I do like and don’t mind seeing with better performance are the Zelda games, Metroid games. Since Nintendo is more family oriented than other consoles I can’t think of other games I would like to see on the NX. What do you think? Do you think the NX can be that powerful and at a good price range?


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