The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep 7 (spoiler review)


The Walking Dead Season 6

Sunday’s episode was really cool! If you read the comic then you know what is about to happen. I read The Walking Dead comics and so far up until book 7 this is what happened, walls come down and hell breaks loose inside Alexandria, not like I hasn’t been bad for them after the invasion of the wolves. It was nice to see Glenn coming back saving himself from the walkers taking cover under Nicholas’ body, smart move but it would have been smarter when he killed the first few walkers trying to get him to start covering his body with their blood like on season 1 to prevent walkers from smelling him.

After we see Glenn come back we see Carl’s girlfriend or whatever she is trying to help him by providing him water, Glenn chases after her to get information, she tell him people broke in and killed people in Alexandria, he asks for Maggie but she leaves before answering. Glenn goes after her and finds her inside a restaurant, they talk about going back and how he is helping her because Maggie would do the same thing. In the meantime Rick is planning a way to go out and start getting the walkers away from the walls, but not wanting to tell others in town., but Michonne doesn’t like that idea.

We can see that Rick still does not trust the people from Alexandria, even after one resident offers his help to reinforce the wall, this happened during book 7, where Rick does not trust and care about anyone but his family, eventually Rick will trust them and I think this will happen in the next few episodes. Then we see Pete’s son, trying to learn to use the gun, from day one when he met with Rick at the top of the wall I knew something was fishy, and of course he wants to hurt Carl, could he get shot on the face like it happened in the comic?

While Glenn and the girl walk home we see how Glenn is trying to comfort her and understand why she is scared, again going back to the comic, maybe Maggie and Glenn adopt her, since in the comic they end up adopting Sophia. Back in town Deanna’s son tries to go out and get the walkers away from the wall but falls almost getting killed, but was saved in time. Also Carol sees how Morgan takes the nurse to a location in town, she follows them and seems like she will find out he has someone locked down. Episode ends with the tower falling over the wall breaking it down, this will make the walkers come in, but I’m sure they will survive, I bet Glenn, Sasha, Abraham and Daryl will arrive just in time at the end of the episode and we will need to wait until February to see what happens next.


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