Star Wars Battlefront so far..


Star Wars Battlefront

The game has been out for almost 7 full days and I have had the chance to play it for at least 2-3 full days, working a full time job and wanting to play is not fun. So far the game has been good for me, playing online with many other really great player is challenging more when the mix of players is from noobs to almost experts. Many people say, if you are good at playing shooter games then you are good at any game, well not really, you may be able to get the hang of it faster but is not always the same thing, at least not for me. 

One thing I did like from the game is the training missions, you can learn to shot and fly by playing several training missions, then you can play solo or with help by playing the survival game which again, helps you get used to the weapons without looking bad with 1 kill and 35 deaths. In my case it helped me learn to fly, is not hard is just a matter of understanding how the control works and how to stay behind the enemy.

I do wish this game had a mode that I once saw in CoD, on which when you play online from level 1-5 I believe you only get a chance to play somewhat easy missions, not really easy but only players from level 1-5 and with the same weapons as you can play, so that way there is no level 65 (if there was one now) killing all the level 1-5 player easily, I mean compare weapons from lower levels to higher levels, they have better firepower and better cards then a new player. Overall the game is good, I have played most of the game modes and I’m happy with what I have, now is just a matter to get good at the game and get ready for the DLC coming 2016.


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