Splatoon Update!


Splatoon 2.3.0 update

I decided to make a blog alone for Splatoon mainly because I wanted to talk more about the game not just focus on the update but on the overall game itself. This game is basically a Call of Duty for kids, which I find very entertaining and fun to play with friends.

First a quick introduction to the game for those who don’t know what this game is about. This is a kind of Call of Duty game for kids, I compare it with Call of Duty because is the first game I thought even though there are many shooting games.  The game starts off in a selected stage and 2 teams made up of Inklings, the game has several modes, one of them Splat Zone, the team to cover as much surface with their color wins. The Inklings can transform into a squid that can swim on their own paint color, allowing them to do so in walls and pass through gates easily, doing so allows the Inkling to recharge their paint reservoir, and that is in few words the point of the game, of course there are other stages and other types of game like Tower Control and Rainmaker.

Well this game received an update 2.3.0, all for free, the update was released on 11.12.15, yup the same day as the Nintendo Direct. The update consists of new content like new stages, new weapons, new winter wear to dress your Inkling, all this items will be available in the game shop. With the update, it also adjusted the game mechanics for a better and more pleasant experience, like better defense against rollers, accurate damage using the roller, and a few other adjustments like sprinklers breaking when they hit the ground.

Have you played this game? If not, then give it a try, it will be fun trust me, if you are competitive and want a different experience from a shooter game, then this is the game, you will enjoy the game and have fun.


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