The Walking Dead Season 6 Eps 6


The Walking Dead Season 6

This Sunday’s episode from The Walking Dead was really good, starting off with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha separating after leaving the walkers behind, once they made it to a point to return they got ambushed by another group of people. They try to escape but in the process they get separated, leaving Daryl alone, Sasha and Abraham stay together. Abraham and Sasha run with more luck then Daryl, they crash into a wooden wall, they get off and kill the people from the car chasing them.

Daryl is chased to the woods, where he is able to escape them, but finds himself alone with no communication. He sees burned bodies from walkers, and the surrounding looks all burned as if the forest had caught fire recently. As he leaves his bike behind and walks away, he finds a couple of girls but gets hit from behind by a guy that was with the girls. They tie him up thinking he is part of the bad guys that just tried to kill him. The group of tree seems a bit beat up, they are coming back to the group since they had no luck on their own, but are scared they may get killed. They decide to start walking and take Daryl along with them, the make it to a location that was overrun by the walkers, they fear their friends died and one of the girls faints allowing Daryl to run from them taking their loot.

Once Daryl leaves he opens the duffle bag and finds an insulin box, he feels bad and comes back to return it. When he does that a group of bad guys try to get them, he helps the three people escape. The main guy from the group questions him why help them? The three of them leave towards a cabin. In the meantime Abraham and Sasha are trying to stay put so Daryl can find them, they go inside a building, Abraham is confronted by Sasha telling him he needs to let go his anger and live on, but Abraham tells her he is fine. He leaves the building and finds a soldier hanging from a pole with a rocket launcher, after some time and after trying to get the walkers he comes to his sense and realizes he has been holding on to anger.  Abraham luck changes when the zombie falls from the pole and leaves the rocket launcher stuck; he finds ammunition for it and some nice Cuban cigars.

Daryl is found walking along with the group when they find a cabin burned down along with the 2 people they have been looking for, when one of the girls knees next to them she falls breaking the molten glass, releasing the 2 walkers killer her immediately. When Daryl and the other guy are burying the girl Daryl tell them about Alexandria, they seems to want to join him, but when Daryl gets the bike they turn against him. He is left alone with no bike and no crossbow, he then find a gas truck. Episode ends with Abraham and Sasha hearing a truck, when they look outside is Daryl, the 3 of them drive towards town, but when driving he tries to contact Rick and gets a response that from I can tell may be bad news.


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