Nintendo Direct Info Review Part 3

Nintendo Direct 2015

On this next review I will be focusing on some other games I found interesting. On this review I will tell you more about Star Fox, Mario Paper Jam, Final Fantasy Explorers, Mega Man Collections, Hyrule Warriors, and others with small or already known updates. Many games and many updates coming from Nintendo I hope one of this is a game you have been waiting for.

First off, Star Fox Zero for Wii U, this game will be somewhat similar to the N64 game, similar kind of missions with addition of new vehicles like Arwing, and also using the Wii U controller you will be able to aim with 2 different weapons. Next Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, a mix with normal Mario and Paper Mario, from the looks on the video it seemed more to me like the old school Mario RPG, I played that game before and it was OK, not the best but I’m sure it could be better, and of course like I mentioned before, this new title will be compatible with amiibo to use them in-game.


Final Fantasy Explorers

Next Final Fantasy ExplorersFinal Fantasy Explorers, this game looks like it will be a great game at least for my liking. The game is something I been waiting for, an RPG kind of MMO that I can play with friends, I know there are others out but this is what I was looking for. The game will have over 20 professions, and many different skills, many armors like others games have. This game will be a 4 player local or WiFi multiplayer, so if you want to play with cousins or friends at home just share the same WiFi. The game will be releases on 1/26/16 with a free DLC adding more quest and new bosses, there will be a collectors edition of this game as well.  This game reminds me so much of Bravely Default, since they are both from Square Enix, speaking of this game, the sequel will be released next year, Bravely Second has been already out in Japan so it’s time for us in USA to get it.

Mega Man Collection will be released on the eShop fro Wii U, all it is a collection of all the Mega Man games that have been released in older platforms, so no Mega Mag X just NES games. And again like any new game this will be amiibo compatible, with an addition of a Golden Mega Man amiibo, a collector edition version will be out as well with concept art book and more. Lastly a few games that will get some updates, like Hyrule Warriors for 3Ds, new characters including Tetra, Skullkid and Linkle a new female version of Link, which honestly I didn’t think it was necessary, Link has always been a boy, we have female heroes in other games like Samus, but that just my opinion. Another game receiving updates is Smash Brother which I talked about on a previous blog, Mario Maker will receive an addition of checkpoints and a new portal to get better result looking for new worlds to play. And another update coming to the actual system/console 3Ds is new themes and badges that will allow you to customize the screen, just like you have now but you will be able to pick individual icons and pictures.



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