Nintendo Direct Info Review Part 2

Nintendo Direct 2015

Nintendo Direct 2015

On this 2nd review from Nintendo Direct I will be talking about several other games I found interesting, I know there were a lot of games that were mentioned but to be honest not all of them were really interesting, at least not for me, but for those that want to know about all the games, check this link for more info.

There are many Mario games, and well why not, here comes another one, this one is Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. This game is similar to the previous title, and like every new title there are great updates to it. On this new title we see the addition to super jump, you can jump and stop the ball before it even hits the ground with super force and power to knock the enemy. Another addition to the game is the option to get mega mushrooms which allow player to grow super big, and like many other recent games from Nintendo, is the addition to amiibo, which will allow you to play with amiibo figurines in the game to help you on 2v2  battles, the game will be out in a few days November 20th, 2015.

On another note and just on time for the holidays, Nintendo will be releasing some Wii U bundles for us. The bundles will include one or the other the Wii U 32GB system, with a preload game Super Smash Bros or Splatoon for $279, both games currently are the best games or at least some of the most profitable games. Speaking of Smash Bros, there wil be a new player added soon, and this player is Cloud from Final Fantasy and a new stage, Midgar. With this Nintendo they will also be releasing a good deal, well not so good, but a drop in price is always good, this time the price drop will be on the Nintendo 3Ds, going from $299 to $279, just $20 but again something is better than nothing. On an article from TechTimes I was able to get the following information:

The Nintendo eShop will also be joining the holiday shopping festivities. Starting on Nov. 25 and running through Dec. 2, Nintendo will be offering up to 50 percent off select downloadable games. What games will be going on sale, and how much they will cost, has yet to be revealed.

All this is great information that I’m sure we all are glad to hear near the holidays, I’m sure many of us have our Christmas list ready, I know I am, with many games coming out soon I want to make sure to be out of the naughty list for a while.



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