Nintendo Direct Info Review Part 1

Nintendo Direct 2015

Nintendo Direct 2015

Nintendo Direct 2015 came and left us with some really good information about upcoming games and updates for current favorite titles for many people out there, from Zelda, Mario, Splatoon and others. In this blog review I will be talking about the my favorite games and what I found interesting about other titles.

The main game I was really interested in was of course Legend of Zelda new version we been waiting for, which we got word that it will be release in 2016, not yet which quarter of the year. Another Zelda game I liked and that will make a comeback is Twilight Princess, coming to Wii U in HD, they added better quality on the game and added a new amiibo, wolf link, the game looks amazing, to be honest I was expecting the new Zelda title to come out sooner. Another Zelda game that has updates is Tri-Force Heroes, they will be adding a new stage with over 30 missions, and 2 outfits, Linebeck’s uniform which allows to look inside the chest before opening and the best of all at least by me, Fierce Deity Link which add more power and shoots rays in 4 directions, all for free.

Next one game that we already knew about, which is Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeons, the most recent news on this game is the free theme for the the 3Ds for free for a limited time, don’t forget the game is out in Nov 20, 2015. Continue with Pokemon,  new freemium game coming to the 3Ds eShop is Pokemon Picross, this one to be honest this one seems more like a minesweeper, once the puzzle is cleared you get to capture Pokemon like on Pokemon Shuffle, with over 300 Pokemon including Legendary, Mythical and Mega Evolutions, seems like a good puzzle killing time game.



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