Pokemon Red,Blue and Yellow 3Ds Shop

Pokemon Red, Blue

Pokemon Red, Blue

Finally 3 of the best Pokemon games will be coming to the 3Ds Nintendo eShop. For all those that have been wanting more than just Pokemon Rumble, Pokemon Shuffle and other titles, we will finally have 3 of the original games that launched in the original Game Boy, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow! There inst much information out, just the release date which is February 27, 2016 and a new feature wireless communication for trading with other players since there is no more a link cable like we did before. I can say I am really happy for this news, I have been playing Red and Blue on my Android phone, even though ROMS have advantages such as saving the state and not the actual game, which allows for one to finish the game with no saves it is much better to play the game on my actual 3Ds handheld, now lets just hope the price is around the same as other games like $9.99, which I doubt it since they are Pokemon titles they may be around $30 USD.



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