The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep.5 (spoiler review)

The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6

Last episode we saw how Morgan went from a cold killer to a peaceful person. Like I said about last episode, many people said it was the best episode even ratings went up, not sure if it was due to the hype of the hour and half episode or they really liked knowing what happened to Morgan. But this episode was better, at least better in the action part and zombies, so here is my review.

The episode starts off with the walkers approaching Alexandria and Rick running along them. They opened the door and met him in, so that allows everyone to see the horde coming in. When everyone sees the horde they get scared and don’t know what to do, Rick tells them that’s the life now and thanks to what he did half of the walkers are not there. He tells them they can still survive if they learn to fight back but Deanna walks away, we can see she is scared and don’t know how to help them.

We see many survivors start to panic and want to steal food, Deanna’s son stops them and tells them not to do that because that will just make things worse, he tells them he saved them and thanks to him they are alive to not make it worse, the people react to that and leave the food and walk away, Deanna looks at him with pride knowing her son is doing good. Then we see Carl asking about the girl, and Pete’s son tell him she left like always, when Carl wants to go after her Pete’s son stops him telling him if he leave he will tell Rick, which will make him go look for him and someone will end up dying, so Carl doesn’t go look for her.

Then we see Maggie preparing weapons to go look for Glenn, Aaron notices that and wants to stop her, in the armory they talk about it, but since he cannot change her mind he wants to go help her since the wolves found Alexandria because of his pictures so he feels guilt. They both leave using a sewer system that will lead them out the town behind the walkers, we see people writing the names of the deceased on the wall among them Glenn’s name. When they are trying to leave Alexandria, in the sewer they find a blocked path, and when they remove the object it hits Aaron on the head making him fall back, then Maggie sees a walker trying to grab her, when she is ready to kill it, another one comes up from behind him, one launches towards her and one towards Aaron, he tries to stab him but finds it hard to get the knife, while Maggie struggles with her walker because it has been under moisture all this time that the skins is basically dissolving in her hands, then Aaron kills his walker and helps Maggie. She tells Aaron to leave because his injury requires stitches but he wants to stay and help, when they make it to the end, they are about to leave when Maggie stops him, telling him she is pregnant and cannot go any further, that if Glenn is alive he will be back.

In the meantime Jessie finds a walker in a house; looks like the person cut her wrist knowing she was going to die might as well kill herself, after killing her, she tells them they need to get used to it because that is their life now and they need to survive. Deanna has a confrontation with her son, he stole food and is drunk, she tells him why steal when he stopped the others, he gets mad and yells at her, blaming her for all the deaths. She then walks to the food storage to leave the food her son stole, when a walkers comes out of a house, she stabs him with a broken bottle on the chest, Rick then comes and helps her, she tells him she wants to survive. Episode ends with Maggie and Aaron trying o remove Glenn’s name from the wall, hoping he is still alive.


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