Planst vs Zombies 2 release date!

Garden Warfare 2

Garden Warfare 2

Finally the game has a release date and the date is February 23, 2016, so just around the corner. The game was announced on this year E3, and many of us were happy to see this new game.Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, for those who have not played part one, you need to, more if you like to play FPS games, like CoD or Battlefield, is similar but in a funny version.

The sequel will bring more characters to the game; the game will have 6 new classes, and over 100 playable characters plants and zombies all together. The gameplay is just like other shooter games, protect the base from the zombies and have fun. I have played part 1 and I enjoyed it, what I have played was offline alone in a kind of training, protect my garden from zombies to destroy it and see how many waves I can stand, only bad thing is the no offline campaign mode, to me that’s important, I know many people really don’t like the campaign mode they just want to get into action and start the multiplayer, but some others like me do like the campaign mode. The game will be out for new gen consoles, PS4, Xbox One and PC, so pre-order if you like to get your hands on the game.



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