The Walking Dead Episode 4 Season 6 (spoiler review)

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

After reading some articles it was said this episode had really big ratings. And was one of the best episodes which help boost the show up again. Well I saw the episode and I have mixed feelings, the episode was good but not that good at the same time, not sure if the episode had good ratings because many people were hyped about the 1 hour and half episode or because it was really good, is hard to say but we’ll here is my review.

The episode started off with Morgan talking to someone, he did mention about a bonfire, in that moment it didn’t click but I remember when he was at the bonfire and got attacked by the wolves group. So he starts telling his story on what he went through after leaving the house with his son, but it does not explain or show about his son. He is found in the wild, killing walkers like crazy, and at one point we see him killing 2 survivors, not sure if they were tracking him to attack him or just following him to get some help. But he kills them both, one gets stabbed in the neck and the other gets chocked.

He then hears a goat, he follows the noise and ends in a small cabin that is protected by Eastman, which helps Morgan get rid of his past and stop living in pain remembering the death of his family. In the process Morgan learns Aikido to protect himself but to never take someones life, he is explained every single life is important. At first Morgan doesn’t seem like he will change, he is adamant to get killed by Eastman, I think he is hurt for the loss of his family and since he has nothing to live for he wants to die. After several attempts Morgan seems to calm down, and starts to learn from Eastman, but not to the 100%, we can still see he struggles to forget the pain and live on with the good memories. Eastman tells Morgan about his family, about the house and the cell that was built in the house. When Morgan learns about Eastman family, he seem to feel bad for him and understand hi is not the only one suffering.

In one instance they both go out, Morgan takes him to a place where they can get supplies to make the journey, which wasn’t said where they would be going. The place where they ended up was the space Morgan created for himself with spikes all around it, Eastman understands this is Morgan’s safe place from all his devils, so he wants him to practice Aikido, Morgan doesn’t want to bu still does it. When they hear a walker, Eastman tells Morgan is all him, Morgan sees is the kid he killed so he freezes, in the attempt from Eastman to save Morgan he gets bitten, Morgan yells and tells him he didnt want to do it there.

Episode ends by Morgan leaving the house, Eastman dies, we see Morgan walking and seeing the Terminus poster, then we see that this whole time Morgan has been talking to one of the bandits member, the wolf guy tells him if he told him the story hoping he would change like Morgan did, he says yes but the guy tells him he will never change, and when he gets off the room he will kill him and every single person in Alexandria. Morgan walks out the room, locks it when he hears a scream and runs towards the direction of the scream. The episode was informative as far as why Morgan is pacifistic now but not much on walkers, but again, it seems many people loved the episode.


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