Warcraft Movie! (UPDATE)



Well it seems every other video game has its movie, and many of them movies are really not good at all, some video games are best to stay as video games, mainly the ones with really no plot, like Super Mario, that was not a video game to be made into a movie, I mean we have seen many movies that were just really bad. I think making a fighting video game into a movie is a bad idea right? Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and well I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about, even after their first bad review some of the movies I mentioned had a 2nd part, guess people just don’t understand a bad idea will be always a bad idea no matter what.

But even after the bad reviews of some movies, people still adamant to keep making movies out of the best video games, one good one at least for me was Resident Evil CGI not the Mila Jovovich ones, those from Mila were, well lets not talk about that one, and a few others like Halo, those CG ones had a nice plot. Well lets focus on the reason of this blog, Warcraft!

Warcraft seem to be ready for the launch of their movie, even though there is no trailer just yet (trailer coming up this Friday Nov 6th), we have many fans excited about it, what do you think this movie will be like?  I been hearing about it for at least a few weeks but was not fully confirmed until the launch of the poster and a confirmed date of June 10. I have played WoW never played Warcraft so I’m not sure what the difference is, seems the movie will be like the game, Alliance vs Horde, I have seen video when they release a new expansion to the WoW universe and they look really cool, so lets hope for this movie to be really good.

UPDATE: The Trailer has been released, check below!!



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