Pokemon TCG Online Game getting a big update!


If you play Pokemon TCG Online Game then you need to know that the game will have n update coming soon. The update will be a major update, changing the graphics, enhancing the gameplay, better animation and much more. I currently play the game and I can say the game is good as it is but animations can be better, maybe making it a bit like the actual video game? Im sure whatever they do to the game will be great. What I forgot to mention is that besides the enhancement the game will include the newer cards from the XY-BREAKthrough expansion. No ETA for now so lets keep waiting and see how great the improvement is.



3 thoughts on “Pokemon TCG Online Game getting a big update!

  1. Thanks for the info! But just advice, (I don’t mean this to be rude in any way) the ‘Pokemon TCG’ is known as the physical card game. In this post you were talking about the ‘PTCGO’, the Online Game. Just advice for the title, as I was quite confused while reading. Nevertheless, great post!


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