Nintendo wanted Golden Eye less violent!

Golden Eye 007 N64

Golden Eye 007 N64

Do you remember playing Golden Eye 007 in N64? Who doesn’t? Well maybe younger kids won’t, but all those teens in the 90’s will for sure remember this game. This was a good game, it was our Call of Duty for the 90’s, it made us compete, made and destroyed friendships, it made us laugh and get mad, well it was the best game for me when growing up.

I grew up in Mexico and at the time the N64 came out, many of my friends did not have their own console, so after school we had to pitch in some money and rent a N64 for either 1 or 2 hours and play the heck out of this game. I remember playing it solo and it was not the same, I needed my friends to play with. The game was the best, yes we ended up killing our friends, and that made them mad but it was a healthy fun way to spend time with the friends after school.

To me the game was not that bad as far as blood and killing, the graphics back then were not the best so it was really not that graphic for us to tell how the person got killed, more when we used the rocket launcher or mines, if you compare that to newer games in which the gore is bad, then we can say that Golden Eye was not bad at all. And that brings me to what Nintendo thought of the killing on the game, they didn’t think it was really good, and thought the killing was too tragic. What do you think this game would’ve been with less graphic deaths? Would it have been the same? In my opinion the game was not good for the way people got killed, but it was for the competitive to be better than your friend and get the Golden Eye gun, among my friends the graphics didn’t matter as much as they do now, all it matter was that we had fun and at the end of the game walk home happy that we spend some time together, so for that Thanks Golden Eye for those cool memories you left me!



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