The Walking Dead Episode 3 (spoiler review)

The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6

Well how can I start this? Seems like last episode was one of the best so far in this season, but also the saddest and well is hard to start talking about it. Well from what we saw on yesterdays episode (spoiler next), Glenn may have been killed, no official announcement was done, you know like they always do in the Talking Dead show, but well it seems pretty hard for him to survive, and Rick is about to get hit by the horde going straight to the town and he cant stop it.

So last weeks episode, we saw how the town fought to keep themselves alive after the Wolves invasion, they lost many but were able to keep them out in a matter of speaking. Now on this weeks episode, we saw what happened to Rick;s team while they were running towards the town while the town was fighting for survival. We see Daryl and the rest trying to take the horde away from the city, Rick’s team trying to keep the walkers from getting away from the horde to the sides. When they heard the loud noise some of the horde started heading towards the town, and we see Rick’s team doing all they can to keep them from going to the town.

In the process Rick decides to leave the group and get the RV to meet the horde half way and have them follow him while he drives it away from the road toward the town, and then we have Michonne and Glenn taking the rest of the team to safety towards the town to help on whatever is going on there. Rick tells Michonne and Glenn to make it safe to the town and if any of the group cannot be saved to leave them behind. In the process of going to the town a girl from the group twists her ankle and is unable to walk at normal speed, then they find a small group of walkers which send fear to s young survivor that draws his gun and when he is about to help, he gets attacked by a walker from behind and shoots a survivor on the leg by accident, this scares him and runs away from the group, so far the team has lost 2 survivors to the walkers.

When they finally make it to a small town before getting to Alexandria, Glenn, Michonne and the rest of the group hide inside a pet store, in which Michonne is confronted by survivor stating that she is mad they would leave them behind, Michonne tells him how she has suffered, not just her but her team in order to stay alive, the guy seems like he understand now. Glenn comes up with a plan to go out and burn a building before the walkers get to them, but when the plan is ongoing something fails, the horde is much closer and the building to burn has been burned already, while in the pet store Michonne has attracted the horde towards them killing some walkers inside. They run outside trying to make it to another store, but in the process a girl falls and gets eaten, when they make it to a fence, they try to climb and another person get eaten leaving Michonne, and 2 survivors, one injured by the gunshot.

As Michonne and the 2 survivors try to escape the store, Glenn and the other survivor try to escape from the horde behind them, they end up in an kind of alley, no way to run, fences and on both ends walkers, many many walkers. They seemed trapped, they climb a trash can, Nicolas the survivor with Glenn realizes there is no way out, gets the gun shots himself on the head and falls towards the walkers along with Glenn, we see then how the walkers rip someone apart, this is how we are not sure if Glenn died or not. Also in the mean time Rick is getting attacked by the few wolves survivors that left Alexandria, he is able to kill them all, but in the process he was talking to Daryl, which was on his way to get more survivors and recruit them to Alexandria, hears the gun shot and decides to come back and stick with the plan to draw the horde away from town.

Episode ends with no signs of Glenn being alive, Michonne making it to the outside of the town and sees the 18-wheeler crashed in the tower, and Rick upset because the RV will not start and the horde is heading straight towards the town and there is nothing he can do to stop it. So what is going on? seems like the team is getting smaller, not sure if these are signs to a possible end of the series? But right now we don’t know if Glenn is alive, people think Nicholas’ guts covered him masking the smell saving his life, others think he is done for. What do you think?


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