Star Wars Battlefront new modes!

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

As the date comes near to the release of Star Wars,  more info gets release about what to expect from the game when is finally out, and the latest news is related to 3 new modes to play on the game and new heroes and enemies added to the roster. The 3 new modes are: Heroes vs Villains, next are Battles, and last is Training missions and several others, but these are the most recent updates available.

The first new mode Heroes vs Villains, in this mode you take the role of a villain or heroes of course, Luke, Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and get to battle with the character until you die. When you die then you can respawn but as a normal soldier. The game will have 3 heroes and 3 soldiers, making it a 6v6 game. The goal of this is to kill as many heroes as possible in a specific time and have the best score at the end of the 3 rounds.

The second mode Battles, is a 1v1 human v human or a human vs AI, or 2 humans vs AI, in which the point is to collect tokens that are dropped when killed, and the first to collect 100 points wins, not sure of the value of each token, I would assume that maybe 10 points per token? Can you imagine if it was 1 point per token? The fight would never end, or just take too long to end, depending on the skills of each side. This mode has a variant mode which can be played with Heroes; the same rules apply and will be 1v1.

The third mode is Training Missions, the mode name explains it all, is a mode to help new comers learn the roles, controls, and how to use certain spaceships and or to get better at the game. Some of the things you will learn is how to fly an X-Wing, snowsdpeeder, and other missions to teach you how to use  Vader’s dark side powers and special light saver, for more info on this click here.

The game seems to be getting better, with playing both alphas/beta release earlier this month and a few months back, we can say the game-play is great, at least it is for me. Those who pre-order remember you will be able to download early and the special editions will be able to play the special battle a Jakku a week before anyone else. So what do you think for those that have played the alpha/beta game already? Will it be worth the wait? Is it as good as people are making it seem?



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