The Force Awakens pre-sale record!

I know many of us are ready for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie to come out, who isn’t? Well I’m pretty sure many people don’t like the movies, but that’s besides the point. Star Wars fans all over the world have been awaiting this movie. When the 1st 3 movies came out, and by 1st I mean Episode I-III, many fans were happy to know they were about to see how it all started, but of course some people were disappointed, mainly due to Episode I the Phantom Menace, in my opinion it was a good movie, we always think movies can do better but I mean it wasn’t that bad, was it?

Now with the news on the new trilogy we are more than happy, mainly because with newer technology, new movies that required special effects can be much better than the old ones, but with the technology from episodes IV-VI I think they did a great job. So yes Episode VII is finally here, after years and years of speculations and rumors we have the movie. We have seen two trailers, the latest one came out Monday during Football game, and right after the pre-sale went live for the movie and well what can I say, it was a record. According to the article many sites recorded 7-10 times more ticket sales and traffic than any other movie, and the movie is not even out yet. I believe this movie will not just break, but shatter records from other movies, I can already see the lines for the movie for the first few weeks. Are you ready for it?


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