Yo-Kai Watch 2Ds Bundle

Yo-Kai Watch Bundle $99/ 2Ds

Yo-Kai Watch Bundle $99/ 2Ds

The game has been talked a lot since it has been a great game in Japan, and now is coming to the US to see if this game is going to be as great in sales as it did in Japan. This game was said to be a Pokemon killer game, but many people don’t share the same opinion. Well about the bundle, it will be the Game and the 2Ds system for $99, which I think is a good price for a 2Ds bundle for those wanting to get a new handheld system. 

This game is developed by Level 5 and  abby, level 5 has a game out Fantasy Life, which is a mix of Pokemon, Zelda and Final Fantasy in a way. So the game is similar like Pokemon, well somewhat, I guess the only thing I can think of from what I read about this game is that you have to “catch” monsters and collect them, and you can use them later on in the adventure. The main character roams in a city infested by ghost, that even do not harm you, they posses or make humans act in different ways, this is when you use your group of already captured ghost to help you battle others and capture them. Of course you need the right tools to find them, the right glasses to see them and of course a radar to know where they are located.

Not sure if this really will be a Pokemon killer game, I mean Pokemon has been out for ever, and is not just for older player that started with Pokemon yellow but newer audience from all ages are super fans of this game. With Yo-Kai Watch coming out in the US it may get some audience but not sure if it will be as big as Pokemon, but who knows. In the mean time wait for Nov 6th to get the bundle. Watch the video below and like always like or leave a comment!

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