The Walking Dead: JSS Eps.2 (spoiler review)

Last week was a good episode, lots of zombies and of course suspense like they always do, just to keep us wanting more. Todays episode started a bit slow, i started to think that the first episode we saw was the last from this season, I we have seen that, they tease us with great episode just to be the last one of the season. But then I saw it wasn’t and I was happy, here is where the episode starts to get better.

The episode starts off by showing a bit of Carl’s friend life, and how she made it to Alexandria, writing all over the initials JSS, which to be feels it will be a place or perhaps initials from her family? Then we switch to Alexandria, where people are having a good day, Maggie is cheering up Deanna after her loss, while the others are on their way from the road towards the town after hearing the load buzzer, which is attracting the horde of zombies. Carol is preparing some nice dish when she looks out the window and sees the lady she just told to quit smoking because she can die from it, when a random guy runs from behind her and slash her killing her instantly. All of a sudden we see a large group killing the residents from Alexandria, Maggie sees the lookout guy get hit by a molotov cocktail fall to the ground and burn to death. Deanna sees with fear not knowing what to do until Maggie makes her leave the area while the “wolves” start to take over.

Deannas’ son Spencer is taking cover from the tower, when he sees an 18-wheeler coming straight to the walk, but shoots the driver in time before destroying the wall, causing the driver to collapse and hit the horn switch, which is the loud noise that was heard on the road making the zombies towards the town. While the bandits are on a killing rampage every survivor is trying to protect each other, Carl was supposed to teach Gabriel to protect himself, now he is ready to protect his sister, Carol tells him to stay in and protect his sister, while she is out helping the citizens. Morgan is found outside trying to help as well but he is not ready to kill, he wants to let them leave, in the other hand Carol is killing every bandit she finds.

Jessie, is found trying to leave her house when someone walks in, her son and her run upstairs hide in a closet, after she hears noise that the person left, she walks downstairs only to find a bandit girl still there. She tries to shot her but fails, they both struggle, fall to the ground, Jessie gets pushed toward the wall and falls acting as if had fainted. In the struggle Jessie dropped the gun, while the bandit goes to get it she gets up with the scissors in her hand and stabs the bandit time after time, when her son walks in after he got saved by Carl, he sees her killing the bandit, and finally stabbing her in the head. Morgan is found still trying to save the bandits lives, he gets surrounded by 5 guys which are no match for him, he talks them out from staying and keep killing Alexandria’s residents. When Morgan walks into a house that he feels someone is there, he finds an old “friend”. The guy inside is the same person that he found in previous season, that tried to kill him, but he left him and another of the bandits locked in a car wile he escapes, from the fight they have, it seems the bandit remembers him. They both fight but we cant see if he gets killed or just knocked out by Morgan.

Aaron walks toward some dead bandits that lay in the ground, he sees something familiar, which is his backpack, the one he dropped in the trailers when he saw the walkers trap set by the wolves, and sees the pictures he used to recruit new people and feels that because of him the bandits found Alexandria.Episode ends with Deanna, her son and several other survivors walking back to the town after all bandits have been taken cared of. Spencer asks Rosita, if this is how it feels to be be outside, to have a life in the wild surviving from walkers and bandits, she replies explaining in few words that yes, that is the life they had, that is how they used to survived, and the “crazy” people they once called when they arrived, are her family and they have kept her alive.


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