The Walking Dead Season 6 Eps.1 (review spoiler)

The Walking Dead Season 6 Eps. 1

The Walking Dead Season 6 Eps. 1

Finally the day came by and now is gone, and The Walking Dead left me ready for more. After many months waiting and getting some action from Fear The Walking Dead, we finally got Season 6 from The Walking Dead, and well the first episode was, well, I personally liked it. I have asked friends and it was not what they expected, but then again is the 1st episode from this season, I’m sure more action will come soon.

For a first episode I think it was really good, even though it was confusing when they tried to blend the whats going on and why that is going on, and the mix of black and white with full color. At first I thought it was my TV because the AMC logo was not gold either, so I had to change channels just to make sure, the I knew it was the show not my TV. I honestly was expecting a bit more, I know is the 1st episode but is not the 1st season, I mean at the end of last season I thought this one will start with zombies breaking in the city.

The episode may not have been the best ever but sure was good, staring with all them zombies in that construction site, and how they planned on how to get rid of them away from the city since it was a matter of time before they got away from there. We saw more team work from the current Alexandria residents, and some not so happy for Rick taking over. Once the plan rolls out like always there is something that will go wrong, and also someone will have to die, int his case was Carter. Episode ended with the walkers getting distracted by a loud siren, and I bet it was done by the people that set the tarp inside the 18-wheeler boxes. Who else? unless it was Pete’s son since Rick killed his dad, but I doubt it, he cant risk his family that way. We have to wait one week to find out, in the mean time don’t forget about Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 webisodes.


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