Pokemon Distribution…Hoopa



Many people want to get this Pokemon, when doing the Wonder Trade I see many players asking to get a Hoopa, and of course I know no one will give it up. Im sure it can be breed using a ditto but still thats a great Pokemon to just give it up, no? Well for those wanting it in North America, there will be a Pokemon event in which you will be able to get this Pokemon. The event will be similar to the one when they gave away Emboar and the other starter Pokemon, the date has not been released yet just says later this year by going to the Pokemon Website, all you need is a DS System (3D, 2D, New 3Ds) and a copy of X/Y or ORAS. So lets wait and keep an eye on the website to get this free Pokemon.

Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa Unbound



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