Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal

UPDATE: The PC version of this game will be release on March 1st 2016 right after the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, see here for more info.

Are you ready for another Far Cry? Well here it comes, the new title from Ubisoft that is on the works is Far Cry Primal! The only Far Cry game that I played was Far Cry 3, it was a really good game, I know there are others and honestly after playing that one I kind of want to play the others. The game was somewhat familiar as far as mechanics, because to me it seemed like a blend of Assassins Creed and a more calmed GTA. The only reason I compared it to GTA is because of the open world environment, how you can go and do whatever you want, not needing to start from an specific place and unlock new locations, well you do unlock new locations but in a different way.

As mentioned I played FC3, and well this new game coming up in Feb. 23, 2016 will be somewhat different from what I played. On this new title Primal, reference back to the primal age, not necessarily dinosaurs  but the age in which the human started to become a society, or a hunter group. There is a video out kind of like teaser, showing us a short video on what we can expect to see, we see the hunters getting ready to get a mammoth, trying to ambush them and getting attacked by a saber-tooth, to be honest it reminded me so  much to 10, 000 BC the movie.

On FC3 we got captured by a kind of mob from that country, and well we had to survive. We had to unlock posts to be able to get better weapons, play small side missions like hunting certain animals with a certain weapon, that was really cool. Now on Primal I wonder what the story will be? Maybe tribes vs tribes? We know for sure we will have hunting, and since they show a mammoth I wonder how great the weapon system will be. Not sure if we can expect a lot from this, I loved FC3, I’m sure there will be great graphics, but what about weapons? vehicles? Are they going to be like Ark:Evolved and ride animals? We can see form the image above how there is a saber-tooth next to the hunter, kind of like a companion. Many questions, all we can do is wait til a closer date and see if more information is released.



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