Prison Architect Full Release Oct. 6th!

Prison Architect

Prison Architect

Over the weekend I was reading about this cool game developed by Introversion, Prison Architect. This game will be fully released on PC tomorrow October 6th, the game has been on Early Release in Steam for sometime now, to be exact September 2012. If you have not played this game, you need to play it, if you like games like Zoo Tycoon, or similar games, then this is for you, but in a semi-2D experience. 

The game is $29.99 currently on Steam, not sure if tomorrow the price will change, since it has been on Steam Early Release it has has many prices, lucky me I got it when it was really cheap. I like to support games like this with great potential, at least games that I like. In the game you get to build a prison, take prisoners of course, from low level to high risk level. You have to please their needs (in a matter of speaking). In order to run your prison you will need the minimal,personnel wise you will need, warden, cooks and workman, that’s just to get you started. The more you get into the game and more complex you make your prison, you will need more employees, accountant, more guards, teachers, doctors, priest, gardener and others.

The more complex you want to make your prison, the more prisoners you want to add, the more complicated it will get. You can teach prisoners new skills to help you save money by having them do laundry, clean the prison, cook (yes cook) and depending on the labor you do either making metal plates or wood work like tables to increase your income. But also you have to be careful from fights, inmates bringing drugs, weapons, committing murders, yes murder, trying to escape from tunnels under the cell. You have to be smarter than the prisoners, keep them happy and your prison will run smooth, make them mad and you will have a riot, but that is not all, you need to make sure you have enough staff to cover the whole prison, cooks for food demand, guards to keep cover at all times and many other stuff.

The game is great, even when playing it on Early Release the game was really good, as far as how much I played I didn’t see no bugs, usually early released games have many bugs or issues.The game is worth every penny, great content, keeps you motivated to keep playing, each time and each prison you make will be different,no doubt on that, always fun to see how the prison will turn out. What do you think? Is worth it believe me.



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