Fear The Walking Dead Episode 6 Season Finale (spoiler review)

fear The Walking Dead Episode 6.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 6. Season Finale

The season is finally over, and just when the series was getting better, I guess that’s how The Walking Dead is? Get us hyped and just when is getting better, boom comes the end. What I can say is that like always, Walking Dead episodes end really good, leaving us wanting more, at least I feel that way, they sure know how to make people want more zombies!. Now we have to wait one more week for the Season 6 of The Walking Dead, by the way things ended last season, I’m sure things will get better now.

The previous episode ended with Daniel looking suspicious looking at the dome where the Army left all them walkers locked inside, and I knew he had something planned just didn’t know what, wasn’t sure if he was going to let them out and risk his family. On this episode Travis and Madison decide to stick to their old plan, head to the desert since the Army is leaving them, of courser after picking up their families from the Army base. At first Daniel wants to kill the soldier he tortured, but Travis wants to bring him along, since he can help them navigate the inside. Once they decide to leave, we see Daniel walk in front of the soldiers base, and behind him all the walkers from the dome, we can see that was his great idea, make a distraction so they can access the base from behind. 

While the soldiers fight the walkers, we can see the hospital personnel is ready to evacuate, but due to having the walkers inside the base, their evacuation teams leaves them behind, the lead nurse tells her personnel to leave while she stays behind. In the mean time Travis and his people are accessing the base from under the parking lot, they get to the holding cells but by then Nick has left with the suit guy. They free the other people, while Liza is outside witnessing the walkers walking and killing the soldiers, she then runs inside and makes it to a hallway, in which they find Travis and the group trying to save Nick and the suit guy that are locked behind some doors. We can see Nick almost get eaten, I thought for a second he was done for, but in the last second Liza was able to unlock the doors with her badge.

While they are trying to save Nick we see Chris and Alicia get beat up by soldiers trying to escape, they take their SUV and leave Chris beat up. When Travis and the team make it to the parking lot after dealing with many walkers and people almost getting bitten, they hear from Chris and Alicia what happened to them, then we see the soldier that was tortured come out with a gun pointing at Daniel, but his intentions are not to kill Daniel, he shots at Olivia hitting her on the arm. Travis gets mad and jumps towards the soldier, he punches him several times like Rick did to Tyreese, we can see how Travis is feeling the stress now.

After all that, they make it to the suit guy home, a nice place at the top of the city. He mentions a name which ends up being a boat. People are getting some rest when Liza and Madison leave, Travis seems them and follows them, Madison confronts her and wants to know whats going on, Liza shows her a scar on the stomach, she got scratched or bitten by a zombie, now wants Madison to end her life, Travis walks in to see something is up, when he finds out he feels sad, but he is the one taking her life. Everyone hears the gunshot, Chris and Olivia rush to see what happened, and find Liza dead. Episode ends here, we can see that some personalities are coming up, people are changing and zombies are taking over the whole city.



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