Jessica Jones Coming November 20th!

Jessica Jones coming Nov 20th!

Jessica Jones coming Nov 20th!

Ready for the next Marvel series in Netflix? Well Jessica Jones is just around the corner, the launch/release date will be in November 10th! This is some great news, I knew this was coming by around the end of the year but wasn’t sure the exact date, check the teaser video below. DareDevil was a great success, at least is what people say from articles I read online, in my opinion it was really good, I am a Marvel fan but in all honesty I was not really into DareDevil, but after seeing the Netflix series, I can say DareDevil is pretty cool, except from the movie, I didn’t like that one. There is so little we know about Jessica Jones, of course just the normal who she is and stuff, lets hope is really good just like DareDevil or even better, then after that we will see Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders, so far Luke Cage and DareDevil Season 2 are the ones TBR on 2016, so we have some time to catch up.



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