Death Note Film Coming up?

Death Note Film Adaptation

Death Note Film Adaptation

Have you heard of the manga Death Note? Which was later release on an Anime about a high school student that has a possession of a note book from a shinigami  that allows him to kill people by writing their name on the note book. The killing is a bit more complicated, well not really but is more detailed than just writing the name, if you do that the person dies right away. You can write how when and different other things about the persons death, like getting hit by a bus while walking across the street at 8am on a Sunday morning, yeah that detailed. The Manga was pretty cool, well it was until it started to get a bit boring and just weird.

Well there are rumors that they want to make a film adaptation of this manga, and to be honest I don’t think it will be that good. Honestly how many video game and anime have been adapted into a movie that are really cool? Remember Dragon Ball ? The original from Japan I believe, I thought, well is an older movie, no special effects so i give them some credit, but then Dragon Ball Evolution came out, and wow that was horrible. I’m sure we all know movies based on video games or anime that are horrible, if you know of a really good movie based on either or please let me know.

How good can this movie be? I mean the special effects would have to be really good, from the shinigami world to having Ryuk appear to Light after grabbing the note. Now the game has a lot of death, duh Death Note! So lately there have been some criticisms on really gory movies or things that resemble real life situations, I wonder how this movie may be taken by other people? I guess just like any other movie, they all have people that love them and hate them. What do you think about this movie? Think it will be a great film adaptation or is it best to keep it CGI? Perhaps Anime OVA?



3 thoughts on “Death Note Film Coming up?

  1. I wish it will be a good one but its doubtful. Its almost impossible to fit the whole story of death note into a movie in a way that it doesn’t loose any of the quality. But the Japanese live action movies of death note weren’t that bad, but it did loose some of the story. I guess we will have to wait and find out.

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    • We will see, lets just hope is at least decent. And yes you are right, it may take a couple movies, maybe a few more to capture the whole story.


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