Fear The Walking Dead Web-series!


The Walking Dead: Flight 462

Another spin off from The Walking Dead is on the way. Remember the webisodes that were aired during 1st and I believe 2nd season? I remember the one in which they show the creating of the half walker that Rick finds in the grass and comes back to shot it on the head, that one was pretty cool. After that one a few other webisodes came up, Cold Storage, The Oath, I remember going online every other week to see if there were new episodes to watch, each episode was about maybe 3-5 minutes long, with about 4-5 episodes each webisode or mini-series. Each of the webisodes had a reference back to the main series, Torn Apart was about the half walker Rick found in the grass and the way she turned, in Cold Storage the only thing I saw was that the storage they were hiding was the one they used to put all Ricks stuff when they thought he was dead… i think, and The Oath was the back story on the hospital in which Rick was and how the room with the DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE sign, I think they were a good back story to know, it gave meaning to some people that wonder how those things happened.

Now a new web series is coming to us The Walking Dead: Flight 462! The mini series talks about how a group of passengers deals with infected on board a plane, this happened during the first stage of infection. I think this will be pretty cool, it will add more action since and suspense. The mini series is said to be 16 episodes long, each 1 minute or less long. The first episode will be aired this weekend October 4th in AMC website, and then it will air again during commercials on the Season 6 premier, and after that each episode will launch online and on TV every Sunday. From the article I read it was said that one of the main miniseries character will debut in the Season 2 of Fear The Walking dead that will come back in 2016, as I said, each webisode seems to relate to something or someone in the main series. What do you think about this new spin-off?



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