Fear The Walking Dead Episode 5 (review spoiler)

Fear The Walking Dead!

Fear The Walking Dead!

This week’s episode I can say the is now looking more like a real Walking Dead episode, there was suspense, drama, more zombies and there was that part where you are left  wishing the episodes where 2 hours long because at the end of the episode things start to get really gory and just zombie killing action. But then of course they want to leave us wishing for more and whats worse is that the series starts to get better on the one before last episode, so one more left and then is over, good thing is that The Walking Dead Season 6 starts in 2 weeks!!

Episodes starts off with the family members taken by the army to a hospital outside the fence, many people are worried about their safety since it seems like the soldiers are lying. Ofelia starts instigating the soldiers, and when they are about to stop her, her boyfriend (the soldier) shows up and offers to stop her since he knows she is sad since her mom was taken. When this happens we see the first soldier feeling the pain to lose a family member and wants to leave, we can tell from this that maybe this is the way the armed forces broke during the zombie attacks. This whole instigation was a plan from her dad to try and get information from the soldiers since he knows something is up. Daniel is holding the soldier in the basement of their neighbors home, it seems like is going to be a smooth talk of get beat up, but man Daniel is crazy, he started cutting the soldiers skin, basically torturing him in order for him to talk.

Madison walks into her daughters room and finds the letter left by her neighbor, and knows that her daughter got it from the neighbors house so she goes to look for her, while in that house she hears noises which leads her to the basement in which Daniel is torturing the soldier. She seems mad but Daniel tells her that will be the only way to get their family back, she thinks about it and lets it happen. In the mean time Alicia and Chris are sharing some time together, they seem to be having a good letting go of their stress breaking stuff. When Travis talks to the Captain he tell him he wants to see the people in the hospital or he will have problems, not from him but from the neighbors that want answers after their families got taken, he then tells Travis in a few words to calm down or things can be bad for him, and then tells a soldier to take him “downtown”, I thought he was about to get killed but he was taken to ground zero.

Travis is transported to downtown, he is thinking he is going to the hospital but he is taken to a building full of zombies, the soldiers get off and tell him to not get off the humby for any reason, when they step out he sees how they kill all the zombies and how one of the soldiers gets killed. In the mean time Nick is saved by some random guy that has plans for him to escape. When Madison walks to the basement she sees Ofelia running and crying, and Daniel comes up with a bowl full of blood, she seems scared but asked if the soldier said anything important. When Travis finds out about the torture he runs to try and help the soldier, but then Daniel tell him to wait and listen what he needs to say. The soldier explains about the Cobalt plan, in which soldiers leave all people behind and kill all infected people, also he tell them about a group of people that turn so fast they had to be left locked in a building.

The episode was great, more action more zombie action. The episode ends when we see Daniel walking to the location the soldier mentioned where the locked all them walkers. We can see that some soldiers are abandoning the safe zone, when Daniel gets closer to the doors, we hear the awesome walker moaning! Like I mentioned in the beginning, more action towards the end of season is always something that happens on this show. We will have to wait til next episode but the good thing is that Season 6 of The Walking Dead comes out October 11!


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