Red Dead Redemption PC Rumors

read Dead Redemption PC Rumors

read Dead Redemption PC Rumors

So last week I was remembering Red Dead Redemption and went online to check it out,I wasn’t sure if it was released on PC or just console, and my surprise, I didn’t know it has been that long since it came out, well not really that long but in electronics 2 years is a long time, anyways this game came out in 2010, only 5 years ago, feels like an eternity right? Well today I surfed online and find out that Rockstar may be re-releasing this game on PC!! I think those are great news, well only if they remaster the game with better graphics and new content. The rumors say that Rockstar has say they will release this game on PC, which again I think it will be great, more if they also release the Undead packs. I liked that game a lot, an old west GTA game. What do you think? Is it worth it?



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