Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Are you a fan of the Animal Crossing games? Well a new installment came out this past week Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and after seeing Renae I liked it. Is a cool game in which your job is to be a home designer, you get hired by people and decorate their home to their liking. What you do have to do is add items of their liking, for example, if one of the characters like to watch TV, or likes a special color, likes an specific item those things the villager wants, would need to be added to their design. 

The game starts slow from what I saw, you start designing small houses, you get a few items, floors, wallpaper, pinball machines, beds, clocks, TV’s other stuff that make the experience a really cool one and way to kill some time. There are some small items that make the experience really enjoyable, like a pinball, stereos, sofas and other. The reason why these items make it enjoyable is because once you are done designing the house, the villager is happy and we see them using the actual items you added, like playing pinball, dancing, sleeping and even reading a book.

As you progress the game is more detailed as far as designing, and from what I saw you even get to decorate a class room, you can also change outfits, not just you but the villagers as well. You also design patios, yards and other locations depending on the villager needs. The game looks really good, if you have played with any Animal Crossing game then you will have fun playing this game. If you are interested the game is out for $40 USD, or if you want the NFC reader which allows you to add villagers using the card like the ones that come with the 3Ds system when you buy it, then it will be $60 USD, and also you have the option to purchase 6 pack booster packs to add more villagers to your town.

On another note, check out RenaeCollects YouTube and Twitch you will like her content.



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