Hyrule Warriors limits 3D action!

Hyrule Warriors 3Ds

Hyrule Warriors 3Ds

The new Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warrios will be release next year on the 3Ds, for many of us those are great news. Playing our favorite titles on the go is always the best thing it can happen. With the release of OOT and the Majora’s Mask, many of us Zelda fans were able to finally play them dungeons at work and on the Go, actually it was possible for a while but only if you had a ROM and an emulator, but having the actual port from N64 to the DS system was great.

When the news came up about Hyrule Warrios I thought it was going to be another story game, but is more like a free-for-all melee game, I have actually not played it, so I can only assume is not the same Zelda experience, I can be wrong. Now that the game will be port over to 3Ds we will once again enjoy another Zelda game on the go. With this new port they will have new stages representing the WindWaker and also have amiibo support. The only issue is that for us to enjoy the full 3D animation we will need to have the NEW 3Ds, which is a bummer since some of us still have the older 3DS XL, no need to upgrade just yet when from what I’ve hear from friends that actually got the New 3Ds say the performance is not a lot, so there is no need to upgrade just yet. By playing the game on the New 3Ds you will get better performance and the support of the additional c-stick support for better control.

What do you think of this port? I’m ok to lose the 3D feature and just play it on my older 3Ds XL, most of the time the 3D will reduce my battery life anyways. Are you happy about this port? let us know in the comments below!



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