Fear The Walking Dead Episode 4 (spoiler review)

Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away

“Not Fade Away” OK so this weeks episode was good, at least I found it more informative and more mysterious like The Walking Dead should be. Episode starts off calm, showing us how they try to pretend to have a normal life not knowing what is really outside the fence, all they know is how people are trying to escape to Vegas and that everything outside the fence is empty and many dead, houses burned down, basically all city is gone except from them. Then we see Chris recording what is left of the city and notices a light reflection coming from a house on the other side of the fence, he tells his dad but of course he doesn’t believe him. The soldiers have a meeting with the people in the “safe zone” and they are told that they will be getting service like water, light, medicine and that they are infection free so no need to worry but the tone used and how he mentions he wont shot no one makes it sound a bit not trusting.

A neighbor is locked in his house and Travis is sent to talked sense into him, otherwise he will be brought down by soldiers. Travis talks to him and finds out the guy is just scared, and don’t know how to protect his family, who can blame him when the army is not providing them with the answers they need, like what happened and how safe are they. The guy finally comes out, gets checked and is good to go. In the mean time Liza has been helping sick neighbors, giving them medicine and treating them, and Chris is trying to get someones attention about the light reflection he saw but his dad ignored him and now he showed Madison which already has an issue trusting the army. She talks to Travis about his son and how he needs to listen and be on alert for any suspicions activity, since she is ignored as well she decides to go outside the fence to find out on her own. People are told that patients will be moved to a military hospital, which no one knows about, just that is outside the fence a few miles away, but no know ever knows from those people there, seems more like a prison hospital like the one we saw in which Beth was killed.

While outside she sees many dead people, killed by army due to infection and others not infected shot on the head as well, this sets an alarm in her head to be cautious. While outside she sees a group or army people coming down the streets, I guess looking for survivors that are outside safe zones. She returns and tells Daniel about her findings, he tells her about an old case in which the army killed many people from his town, giving him the reason to not trust them. The neighbor that was locked in his room disappears and a new nurse came to town checking patients which seems more like trying to get rid of the more risky ones. After assessing patients the army comes at night to take them all to the “military hospital”, Daniel thinks he is going with his wife since he was told  he would, but the soldier doesn’t allow him to go, a fight breaks up when they find out Nick is going to be taken as well. When all is over Liza leaves with them leaving her son behind, Travis and Madison have an exchange of words letting him know Nick was taken because of Liza doing. The episode ends when Travis sees light coming from a building outside the fence, but not the same one his son saw, this time looked more like gunshots.


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