Pokemon Z?

Zygarde 100%

Zygarde 100%

So there are rumors out there about the next Pokemon game actually being Pokemon Z. Many people knew or thought that after the release of Pokemon X/Y the next title would be Z, and it kind of makes sense, I mean, they had Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald why not have Z? Speaking of Emerald I don’t think they will remake that one since on Emerald the main point of it is to capture Rayquaza and we received a shiny already on the launch of Ancient Origins TCG Packs, so I don’t think they would remake that one.

Zygarde 50%

Zygarde 50%

I was reading an article in the Polygon site about some information gathered from a popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro well known for good information on Pokemon games, and in the article states about several forms that Zygarde, from

Zygarde 10%

Zygarde 10%

core,particle to 10%, 50% and what it should be a 100% of the form, each one of the stages looking different of course. So if they do make a game Z, I guess the fight or the game plot would be maybe to not allow Zygard to convert into its full form or the world would end, similar to previous titles.

I also saw a different article on IGN this one has a small gallery of all the forms, but by now I’m sure you can find all the forms in many pages. What do you think of maybe adding some sort of DLC to Pokemon games? in this case would be Zygarde mission, or maybe other bosses just to not make 2 or 3 versions of the same game just to try and capture different Pokemon, I think that would be better but not sure if its possible to do that on a 3Ds/2D game cartridge.

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