Umbrella Corp!

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp

Resident Evil Umbrella Corp

Do you remember playing Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City? Well here is a new RE game similar to it, named Umbrella Corp. I remember playing RE Operation Raccoon City, and I really didn’t like it much. It was a good concept and a great idea but in my opinion it just was not up to the levels of Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies. Yes I know there is no reason why I should compare them, I was just referring to the actual gameplay not anything else.

Operation Raccoon City

Operation Raccoon City

Operation Raccoon city had its moment, when it came out I really thought it was going to be a great game, yes like I said it was good while it lasted. I played several times with my cousin, but honestly after several times playing it, I got bored from it. On this you play with several people the back story of the Resident Evil 2, save or kill Leon Kennedy, I actually didn’t finish the game, my cousin did and he didn’t like it either, but that is us, maybe other people loved it and still play it.

The new game has not much information out yet, only shows a video on how the game play will be, which in my opinion is the same as ORC, play against other players and kill zombies in the same time. I know they cannot copy a game like Black Ops Zombie Mode, because it would not be fun no more, and they cannot copy Left 4 Dead because is old and even though people still play it, it would be nice to see something innovating a new zombie shooting concept.  Lets wait until more information is out, and judge or give our opinion, game will be released in 2016 anyways,now from what is shown in the video I can tell is going to be very similar as the old game and not sure if I will like it, but as long as others like it then it should be fine.



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