Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 (spoiler review)

Fear The Walking Dead!

Fear The Walking Dead!

Well after a week of no zombies here we get the 3rd episode “The Dog” with more action than the previous ones, still not as much as I would like, but I know this will get better soon. Quick review from last episode, Madison looks for medicine for her son and ends up killing her friend while Travis is looking for his son that is in the middle of downtown in which a riot will break out and start some chaos. Las episode ended with Travis and his ex-wife and son stuck in a barber shop escaping from the riots outside in the city trying to make it another day.

The Dog episode starts off with Madison and her kids stuck in the house waiting for Travis to come back to so they can leave the house and move to the desert. Since more and more zombies seem to be appearing, the city starts to lose control, power outages, break-ins, vandalism, and killings. While in the house Madison and her kids witness her front neighbor get eaten by a zombie, they leave to their neighbor house to get a gun. They find the house deserted and when trying to get back home, Alicia notices a zombie enter the house, and their dog trying to protect the house gets eaten by the zombie, at the same time Travis enters the house and finds the zombie eating the dog. When they meet at the house they notice the didn’t bring the shotgun shells so Alicia heads back for them, and finds Susan turned into a zombie, which was their neighbor, after some struggle she escapes and makes it home. While Travis tries to  talk sense with the zombie, the barber Daniel which escaped with them gets the shotgun and shoots him on the face, peeling half the face off, when the zombie tries to come back he gets shot one more time blowing the top of the head off, of course we know that’s the way to kills zombies.

When they all meet up at the house Madison wants to leave asap but since is dark Travis wants ti wait until dawn. At dawn the family gets ready to leave, they leave the barber and his family behind since he already called family members to come get him. While leaving Madison notices his neighbor is coming from out of town and since she didn’t have the guts to kill Susan, she tries to go and stop him from seeing his wife turned into a zombie, but is too late. Madison walks into the backyard along the neighbor to find Susan trying to get a hold of him, of course he doesn’t know she is a zombie, no one know, when out of no where the army or national guard I believe shot her on the head.

Episode ends with the National Guard taking over the city, they know something is going on, because they asked about being in contact with the blood or any bites/wounds by the infected ones. We can see them marking houses with X to display if any survivors, deaths etc. When this happens we can see the barber saying “too late” I think he is the only one that gets whats going on. By this I think he means the national guard wont let anyone leave the city, pretty much they are stuck with no way to save themselves until everyone turns. We can see on this episode that Travis is like Hershel on The Walking Dead, thinking people are sick and that they will be back to normal, we see Madison kind of knowing whats going on but not wanting to admit it, Nick knows it but people wont believe it and then we have the barber Daniel that has no fear and know whats going on. In my opinion Daniel is going to turn into one of the main characters in the show. What do you think? Did you like the new episode?


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